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Since 2001, Camp Walk on Water has opened its doors to thousands of campers who have experienced Christ in a new and exciting way. Our goal is to provide a space for campers to experience the presence of God and have the time of their life while doing it! Camp WOW was made for your camper!

Below we have provided important information for you. In order for you to feel that both you and your child are prepared for camp, please read through this information and fill out any necessary forms. If you have additional questions please contact us!



Our Snack Shack is a popular hang out spot for campers during free time. We have a wide range of snacks, drinks, candy and merchandise available for purchase. Cash Cards are an easy way for campers to spend and keep up with funds while at camp without fear of losing or misplacing cash. Check out our online store for more details! 


What to

Campers will be participating in lots of different activities, so it is important that they are prepared for a week full of fun! We have put together a suggested packing list to help you make sure they come with everything they need.   

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Camp WOW offers a large variety of activities for campers! We want every camper to have the best time possible and feel that we have something for every personality and interest! For more information on activities Camp WOW offers visit our "Activities" page or contact your church leaders for details specific to your week of camp.



Camp WOW has staff photographers to document the camp experience! These photos are available for you to view in an online album. Click the button below, enter the password from the Photos page of your parent paperwork, and select the album of your ministry. If you did not receive a password, please contact Camp WOW offices.



Everyone attending camp must submit a signed release waiver upon arrival to Camp WOW. If you have not received a Release Form for your camper, you can access one here.



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