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Our Adopt-a-Staffer program is a great opportunity for you to support our staff in their service during the summer months. Every year, we have around 30 college students join us to minister to campers. Our staff work long hours and are away from their friends and family for many weeks. This is a great physical, emotional, and spiritual drain on them. Our goal with the Adopt-a-Staffer program is for you to come alongside these staffers and support them through prayer and encouragement. We ask our adopters to commit to consistently lifting up their assigned staff member in prayer. In addition, we love for our adopters to send notes of encouragement and/or care packages to their staffer. If you feel led to participate in this opportunity, you will be given the name of one or more staff members, their info sheet, and a picture of them so that you can know more about them. This is a great ministry project for families to do together!


Adopt A Staffer!

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Thanks for your support!

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