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About Us!

Camp Walk On Water is a family-owned camp that hosts Christian summer camps and retreats throughout the year. 


Since Camp WOW was founded in 2001, the mission has been to create a space for people to experience Christ in a meaningful way. Whether it is at summer camp or a retreat, Camp WOW’s goal is to reach, grow, and send people out to impact the world for Christ.



Camp WOW offers a variety of fun, exciting ACTIVITIES for your camp experience like:

  • Rockwall Climbing and Zip Lines

  • Lake Tubing and Swimming

  • Organized Recreation

  • Late Night Parties

  • Game Room & More!


Also, Camp WOW values keeping the camp FACILITIES clean and updated so you have a nice stay during your time at camp. Some of the facility options offered are:

  • Dorms

  • Cafeteria

  • Worship Center

  • Snack Shack

  • Lodge & Family Cabins


Beyond the wonderful facilities and exciting activities, one of the biggest aspects of the Camp WOW experience is the camp staff. Throughout the year, about 30 college-aged students are hired by Camp WOW’s director, Jenna Kuhlman, to make camp possible each summer. It provides a fun opportunity for Christian young adults to help lead students to Jesus and make lifelong friendships in the process.

From the activity options to the welcoming facilities, Camp WOW is definitely worth the trip for your summer camp and retreat needs. We hope to see you at Camp WOW very soon!


Come to camp!

Wondering how you can experience Camp WOW for yourself? If you have googled "Summer camps near me" then Camp WOW maybe the answer you've been looking for: 

  • Camp WOW is located in Southeast Oklahoma

  • Camp WOW is about 160 miles from the Dallas-Ft Worth area and 100 miles away from the Oklahoma City.


Come see camp for yourself! Schedule a camp tour today by emailing Jenna.

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